Inspired by beauty, style, skilled craftsmanship and the very best in life - there is no better way to describe the “By Buttner” brand created by this dynamic entrepreneur.

Passionate about skiing, mountains and stylish top-quality products, Véronique Buttner, successively a top-class skier then hotel/restauranteur has now channelled her passion, enthusiasm and dedication into a single product. Her inspirations led her quite naturally to – skis - and in 2016 the “By Buttner” brand was born. Her knowledge and love of skis has resulted in a profound understanding of the technical challenges and emotions they inspire. Veronique is a pioneering woman in the ski world, bringing her multiple talents to each new project she creates.

Her brand was born from a desire to unite discerning connoisseurs of varied fields in a community where they can celebrate and enjoy their varied passions. “By Buttner” skis are the result, a testament to her desire to combine diverse pleasures, be they snow, excitement or great food and wine.

In her continual quest for excellence, Véroniqe explains : «I want to be able to communicate my values by mastering all aspects of the product; from conception to manufacture, to communication to distribution». Originally from the Haute Savoie her inspiration is drawn from neighbouring Swiss and Italian expertise, resulting in beautifully crafted, top quality, aesthetically elegant products. These worlds combine quite naturally.

Véronique Buttner